Murraya Carey…, murraya paniculata

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Lake view jasmine, Orange jasmine (or jessamine, if you’d like. I think it’s still pronounced the same. It’s not in the genus jasminum, so no matter how you pronounce it, it’s still a common name). Murraya paniculata. A cool, flowering tree, with very hard and carvable wood.

It is a client’s tree. I’ve had it for almost a year, and all I did so far was repot it, fertilize, and let it grow. Now it’s time for some styling.

I’m outside my family’s taekwondo dojang, waiting for the class to be done. For the record, I have two children and my wife in taekwondo, and they are all black belts, so you’d better not mess with me, I will be defended.

And yes, I am mixing Asian cultures with Japanese bonsai and Korean taekwondo.

But that’s what the USA is about, accepting different cultures and making them our own. That’s…

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