Taming the prickly bush

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You’ve seen this tree before.

I’m a bit lazy at the moment, but there have been several blog posts on it in the past.

I had even done a post on creating the pot from concrete. It’s there in the archives.

If someone wants to search, I’ll post the links and even mention your name at the end of this post.

But for now, I’m in the moment. The tree needs work. It’s a Brazilian Raintree (Chloroleucon tortum).

First step is to defoliate it. You can usually tell when a BRT needs to be defoliated by the old foliage not wanting to be perky (or always looking like it’s wilting) and you can see the new buds ready to pop.

So, it’s a snipping time.

Komorebi style!

Since I’m a little lazy today, I won’t be telling any stories or revealing any secret professional secrets this time. Just the usual…

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