Flower frenzy on De Mond se Kop


This morning I had the singular pleasure of accompanying eight ladies on their walk up the Zig-Zag path and on to De Mond se Kop in search of interesting plants.  We were not disappointed.

A bitterly cold wind kept us company and ensured that we were well wrapped up at all times.  Despite being heavily overcast, it did not rain at all, for which we were very thankful.  As for the flowers, we saw many beautiful specimens and stopped so many times to look and photograph, that I at times wondered if we would ever get off the mountain.  In the end we spent seven hours out and covered around 11 kilometres

Apart from the fynbos that so occupied everyone, we also saw a Cape Rockjumper and a beautiful pair of Black Harriers ranging above the three dams.  It was a wonderful sight to see these rare birds in Fernkloof!

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Juniper Tips Dying?

michael hagedorn

If they are, you likely have juniper tip blight, or phomopsis.

This is a fungus that attacks the growing tip of the juniper, usually in spring when the temps are mild, around 60 F / 15 C or so, and during humid or wet weather. It attacks many species of juniper. Native North American junipers like Rocky Mountain Juniper are from arid areas and are particularly susceptible, but it is also found on shimpaku junipers. Needle junipers seem least susceptible but they also can be attacked.


Juniper Tip Blight, or phomopsis

This is a serious disease that can kill the branch and ultimately the tree. Do not ignore it if you have it. Again, this is a disease most active in the spring although you might see the fungal damage any time of year. Cutting away affected areas helps track its progress.

If you’ve ever seen ground cover junipers…

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Det regner næsten hver gang. Solen har vist kun skinnet en gang for alvor de otte år vi har været i haverne. Mærkeligt ikke?


Nå, men det afholder heldigvis ikke folk fra at se vores træer udstillet i De Japanske Haver i Broby på Fyn. 130 mennesker kom forbi en grå og lidt regnfuld søndag. Det er rigtigt fint besøg sådan en dag uden sol og varme. Rigtigt mange gode snakke, og endda et norsk ægtepar, der havde arrangeret ferien efter at kunne være her. Tusind tak for opbakningen og de mange snakke.

Video og fotos (under videoen) kan ses her.

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