Juniper sqamanta “Blue carpet” update.

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One of my first trees I have got to my collection about 5 years ago and I’m learning this tree still. It was left on bench for it’s own. Yesterday I decided to give it another chance. Pretty much happy with final image. Now just need to be prune correctly and we will see next year.

Befor styling

And after.

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Shohin crabapple

Nebari Bonsai

This is a sargentii from Evergreen Gardenworks. It’s an older tree, by Brent’s description, but new to me in late 2016. It came in a 1-gallon can:

It took significant root reduction to get the tree into a Bonsai pot; this one a gift from Roy Minarai:

Unfortunately, I let it go a few hours too long between watering and it dried out in June 2017:

It was pruned back in the early spring 2018, before and after:

Repotted again in March 2018:

It bloomed for the first time in my care in April 2018:

And it grew fairly erratically, but very strongly, and even bloomed again in June 2018. I decided it was strong enough to prune some of the coarse branches back which should help define the nice taper and movement of the trunk.

Brace yourself…

As the new shoots extended, the best-located ones were coaxed into position…

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