It’s all “paws” on deck when it come to harvesting rain water at #bonsaiwithromano


Yesterday we received buckets full of much needed rain. I started to get worried as the rainfall this season was not enough to fill all my containers for the coming growing season. I really need to invest in a 5000 l tank, but the prices are still to steep for me to buy one. I will be saving so that I can by a tank next year during the winter. This makes more sense then buying on in the middle of summer. #justsaying

So some of you might have seen the photos I posted a while back on how I store my water. I know it is a bit primitive. The process is very labor intense. Let me break it down so you can get an idea of how my process works.

First you carefully observe the weather. If you see that there is a good chance that it might…

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Back at it…


Morning guys. Its been a hard few weeks but now that, the training for the half marathon is behind me I can focus on working on my trees again. I did not achieve my goal but I finished the race in 2:00:16. Not my best time but I happy. For those of you that likes running please follow me on twitter @runningtech2 for more on my running and training.

As you all know we are in the last few weeks of winter. Some of my trees already started to show signs of new growth. Trees like Celtis’ are starting to grow. They normally start before all the other trees. The nice thing about this is I can start my potting season early.
As you can see in the photo above there is a small bud starting to form on this branch. Sorry for the bad photo but I took the…

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