Aging in Eagles

Animal Ecology In Focus

For many species, breeding performance changes as an individual ages. So in order to properly monitor and manage animal populations, it is important to understand how different species age. But this is easier said than done! A recent paper published in the Journal of Animal Ecology used a unique dataset from a reintroduced population of white‐tailed eagles in Scotland to study age‐ and sex‐specific trends. Lead author Dr Megan Murgatroyd (FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology) is here to tell us about sea eagle aging, raptor-gurus, reintroduction work, and ‘toy boy’ relationships! 

Despite being revered in early history and once widespread in Britain, like many other predators White-tailed Eagles have a long history of persecution and human conflict. In 1918 the last known British White-tailed Eagle was shot rendering them extinct. Today, 100 years on the story has fortunately changed. Unique partnerships between multiple agencies, landowners and Government have seen…

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