Ramification. The next step

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My friend Nick has asked me to write a post on ramification (also, to explain the triangle). I told him I would try. The triangle is a mystery to men the world over. Ramification is basically this: we have the main branch and it splits and splits until we have a system of smaller and smaller twigs. This “twigginess” is evocative of a mature tree.
There are several steps involved and, as far as some of the literature I’ve seen, the last steps are never covered.
Let’s quickly go over the basics.
The top pic is the unadulterated branch.
We cut at one of the first nodes in the next pic (at the arrows)
Pic 3 shows the branch grown out. Cut at the arrow again and we have pic 4. This is how we trim for movement and taper.

Technically, we would like branches to grow at the…

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