My little neea buxifolia bonsai

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Time for a trim
This is a neea buxifolia (nia in Spanish. Saltwood in English) that I originally got from Hector Morales.
Doing research for this post I am flummoxed in my attempt finding out why this tree is called saltwood. Or any other info on it other than bonsai related.
It is an understory tree that tends to grow straight until it gets tall, then it twists and turns, searching out light.
It has almost no tap root (which is perfect for bonsai).
It grows in limestone heavy soils (the island of Puerto Rico)
It doesn’t produce much fruit and those seeds collected from them don’t germinate much.
They can be propagated from cuttings, air layers and, a recent discovery of mine, root cuttings.
Which, with their small leaf and tremendous growth habit, will make for some nice tiny, twisted trees.

Looking at our subject
you’ll notice the flat…

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