Sawfly, don’t bother me.


It looks like we have a Sawfly infestation on some of our trees and shrubs. My wife noticed them and sent me a photo. These happen to be on a Gold Coin Scots Pine we got last year and have in a pot. I was planning on stylizing it more like a Bonsai.

It took a slight hit this winter, being its first in the pot since we got it, so I let the candles grow out so it would gather strength.

Now this.

The first image is the normal view. I didn’t see anything at first.


The second image is the closeup. Those boogers can really hide!


It looks like I’ll be pickin’ caterpillars off the Scots Pine when I get home!

I was planning on wiring it later in the summer. I’ll cut the candles back next year. It seems this year it’s one thing or another.

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