Ficus Nerifolia revisited

Nebari Bonsai

I’ve had this old ficus for almost 4 years now. The history is here, if you care for the family back story. It got off to a slow start this year, and I thought maybe a repot into fresh soil and a slightly larger pot may help. This shot is from last summer:

And this year, after a few months in the basement window it was looking pretty rough. Repotted in a Koyo pot with some new soil should help:

I reduced the left stump in an attempt to create the illusion of a strong first left branch:

An improvement, me thinks.

The aerial root has always taken away from the base and trunk line. I have been conditioned to keep all aerial roots, but this one has been bothering me a bit for a while.

Now the trunkline is beginning to show some taper and movement.

A trim:

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