A Trick to Try with Your Wisteria this Summer-

Michael Hagedorn

This is a fun technique to ramify your wisteria.

  • After the first flush of leaves has hardened off in early summer, and flowers are long gone, take each leaf and cut them down to two leaflets. This will result in a very thin looking bonsai, and you may wish to provide light shade for a week or two to avoid sun scald.
  • Fertilize and water well. Unlike some bonsai, fertilizing wisteria in the spring does not seem to dampen flowering much.
  • In several weeks your wisteria should flush again and it may well re-flower. The more times the wisteria flowers, the more ramification you’ll get. The ramification comes from the first several inches of the flower raceme, which sports new leaves and also flower buds for next year.

Try this technique only on trees that seem vigorous and have sent out some runners, and if you’ve at least two more…

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