Fall Migration Begins – Malibu Lagoon, 22 July, 2018


Young Brown Pelican (L. Loeher 7-22-18)

Parking was jammed on Pacific Coast Highway and in the park’s car lot, an early indication that we were part way through yet another week – or longer – of triple-digit temperatures. The beach was crowded; surfers covered what few waves leisurely rolled in. At 11am our car claimed it was only 79° but it felt hotter. A half-hour later it was 104° as we crept through Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley. But enough about global warming.

About 40 people showed up for the 8:30am walk and another 30 for the 10am parents and kids walk. Several were new to birding. This is a good trip for new birders because: we take our time, we loan binoculars, free checklist!, ask all the questions you want, short walking distance, nice views, most of the birds (ducks, waders, shorebirds) don’t move quickly and you…

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