The Jerry & Karen Kral Garden

Valavanis Bonsai Blog Each summer our Bonsai Society of Upstate New York Inc gathers and has tours to interesting gardens or nurseries in the greater Rochester, New York area. This evening we had the privilege to visit the garden of Jerry & Karen Kral who have developed a common size city yard into a “horticultural Zoo.” Jerry Kral was a high school science teacher for … Continue reading The Jerry & Karen Kral Garden

The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific.

Originally posted on Ronald's photo site:
The garden is just twelve kilometres north of Downtown Victoria, British Columbia, here will find a public garden lovingly cared for sins it start in 1979. The garden was formerly known as Glendale Gardens, and it is showing different types of gardens and demonstrating landscaping techniques suitable to the Pacific Northwest. One of the gardens on show is… Continue reading The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific.