Bonsai Pots: A Tale of Confidence

Lieud Bonsai Blog

I’ve recently joined a bonsai ceramics group, one of the groups within the bonsai club that focuses in on the world of bonsai ceramics. The class is sectioned off into a 3 session round that typically lasts one workshop a month. Between the workshops, we’re allowed to work on clay with what we’ve learned from the workshop. This is our second go around and it is definitely a lot easier, obviously.

It’s very visually obvious at the quality of the pots as time progresses. It’s true with all things, practice makes perfect. Confidence is also built as the pots are progressively getting better.


My most recent pot is created under the guidance of our bonsai club president Aaron Stratten. It was built with the knowledge gained from 2 rounds of workshops and it shows how tight the build was.


Overall, my confidence was on cloud 9, I was feeling good…

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