Bonsai Pots: A Tale of Confidence

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I’ve recently joined a bonsai ceramics group, one of the groups within the bonsai club that focuses in on the world of bonsai ceramics. The class is sectioned off into a 3 session round that typically lasts one workshop a month. Between the workshops, we’re allowed to work on clay with what we’ve learned from the workshop. This is our second go around and it is definitely a lot easier, obviously.

It’s very visually obvious at the quality of the pots as time progresses. It’s true with all things, practice makes perfect. Confidence is also built as the pots are progressively getting better.


My most recent pot is created under the guidance of our bonsai club president Aaron Stratten. It was built with the knowledge gained from 2 rounds of workshops and it shows how tight the build was.


Overall, my confidence was on cloud 9, I was feeling good…

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Dreams Do Come True, Volunteering at The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

Lieud Bonsai Blog

There are times in one’s life where one’s dreams are seemingly coming true but in a manner where you never expected. I’ve always wanted to be in some way associated with the Bonsai Museum in DC, 2 years ago, I got the chance. Early on in my bonsai hobby, I’ve made many visits to the museum and I always had the thought, will I ever get a chance to put one of my trees on these benches. I’ve noticed that there were trees from clubs and their trees get featured. A decade later, I had the opportunity to display a tree of mine for the Potomac Bonsai Association (PBA) Show at the bonsai museum. I thought I’ve accomplished my goal, I’ve plateaued, I’m finally here, at least for the regular serious bonsai enthusiast. 2 years later, at another PBA show I entered a smaller version of the same species of…

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Quick video before I post the full article on the #winterpruning I did on this Celtis Africana.


I finally committed to work on this tree. It took me a full thirty three minutes to complete the pruning on this tree. I mentioned in a previous blog that I would be wiring some of the smaller branches into place.

Before I started to work on the tree I tested a few of the branches to see how strong they are. They were still flexible but they are very thin. I decided to form the finer ramification on this tree using the clip and grow technique. If I applied wire to the small branches they would thicken up really fast in spring. Getting wire off after the tree is filled with leave will be a difficult thing to do as you can see that the branch ramification in dense. Damaging leave and new tender branches.

I had to prune the tree quite hard. There were a few dead branches…

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Juniper styling video finally done


I feel like I’m getting things done today. #imonfire This is the second video that I have completed in the past couple of days. I posted a blog on this tree about 13 days ago.

Here is the link if you want to refresh your mind before you look at the video:
The third and final #juniper styled.

This video is slightly longer than the other videos I posted. I tried playing around with two cameras at different angles.

Here is the video:

That’s it for now check back in later to see a few updates on trees that I have worked on.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.



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#Celtisafricana winter pruning explained.


Yesterday I published a video of a #celtisafricana that I pruned. I thought that I would be good to go into depth as too why I pruned the tree and what this does for the tree.

I do not know all the correct scientific terms and how these processes work. I will be explaining what I did in as much detail as possible .

This was the tree before I pruned the tree. Upon closer inspection I saw that there where a lot of dead branches and dried out twig in between the dense foliage.

There are a few reasons why these small branches died:

  1. Not enough sap in the tree to support the size of the canopy
  2. The smaller branches where shaded out by leaves of other branches
  3. Branches got damaged (strong winds ect.)
  4. The tree might have been replanted recently
  5. Drought
  6. Depleted soil

Pruning the tree during the…

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The Bonsai Update

Fox Explains

A bonsai tree… not one of mine!

For those of you who have been following my personal Facebook page, you will already know that I have been growing Bonsai trees from seed. For those of you who do not, or cannot, follow my personal Facebook page, this post is mainly intended for you.

In case you are interested, you can get the kit I used by clicking on the image below. It is an AMAZING kit that comes with the bamboo pots, seeds, a beautiful box, and great instructions.

So, I began this project because I wanted a new hobby. I knew this was going to take a lot of patience on my part, but I have only recently began to understand just excruciatingly long this process is. I began this little adventure on April 18, 2018. It is now nearly the end of July, and I am finally…

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