The Passing Of Hatsuji Kato

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I’m sad to report the passing of Hatsuji Kato, fourth generation proprietor of Mansei-en Bonsai Garden in Omiya Bonsai Village, Japan this morning, July 23, 2018. Hatsuji Kato, 76, was the first son of bonsai pioneer Saburo Kato. Saburo Kato had three sons and a daughter. In the beginning all three of the sons, Hatsuji, Masao and Yoshi were involved with the bonsai business. Saburo Kato was a superb bonsai designer and specialized in Ego spruce and forest plantings. He was instrumental in the establishment of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation as well as the Nippon Bonsai Association and the Nippon Bonsai Cooperative, the professional organization.


After Saber Kato’s death in February 2008, Hats took over Manse-en Bonsai Garden. Often a family business is divided among the surviving children. However, if Manse-en were divided the business would fail. So Hatsuji became the new proprietor. He had a son, Haruhiko and a…

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Experience Japanese Culture, Gardens & Bonsai In A Small Group

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Have you ever considered to visit the Japan bonsai community and to experience Japanese culture?


Here is your opportunity to experience the Taikan Bonsai Exhibition, visit private bonsai collections, Kyoto gardens and Shikoku Island. A visit to Tokoname to purchase bonsai containers is also available too!


In November Kora Dalager and I will be leading another one of our popular value-priced trips to Japan. Only a small number of members will be accepted for this tour so we will have ample time to fully appreciate the beauty and culture of Japan. Because of the timing of the Taikan Bonsai Exhibition we will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in Kyoto.


Omiya Bonsai Village, the mecca of bonsai, will be experienced, where you will see the top bonsai gardens where many of the famous masterpiece bonsai have been created and are maintained. You will have the opportunity to meet the top bonsai…

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