It’s been almost five years and I miss you my friend

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Juan was my friend. (That’s his photo above, from Mt. Dora) It’s been about five years since he passed away and I wish I had him here to give me guidance. He was smarter than I and more experienced.

But he’s not. All I have are memories and a few trees to remember him by.

On my Facebook feed the other day, this popped up. I think someone liked it and Facebook decided it was relevant. It is.

It reminded me that friends are forever, especially bonsai friends, and that we should support each other. Juan was a much better judge of character than I am and warned me about people who I should not have trusted. I’ll leave that as it is.

With his willow leaf popping up in my feed, it reminded me that I had another tree of his that needs work. I’ve been neglecting my trees…

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