The Hottest Day

Bonsai Iterate

Have you heard the suggestion to “repot your ficus on the hottest day of the year”? Well, it was cooler today than the last few (only the low 90s F), but it was so brutally hot AND HUMID the last few days, I was not about to work in the garden.

This is the subject of my work today: an exposed-root Ficus benjamina I have had for over 20 years. Step one is selecting a better pot. The brown rectangle in the image above fits the root base nicely, but the color does nothing for this evergreen tropical.

The blue isn’t much better, and the shape is very similar to the original.

The teal is even better and the soft round corners suit the tree I think. But check this next one out!

Me likey! The size is good, it’s got curves, and the color, though muted, compliments the bark…

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