Finally done with the styling of the second Juniper Procumbens nana.


This is the second Juniper that I styled. It is one of three trees I bought last week. As usual my week just got so busy that I did not have time to style the other trees. I put out time today to work on this tree.

This is the tree out of all the others that I feel in love with the moment I saw it. I wanted to style this tree last but I just could not get the tree out of my thoughts. It took me two hours and twenty minutes to finish this tree. This is twice as long as the previous tree. The trees were more or less the same size but what made this tree different then the one I styled last week is the fact that the branches on this one was longer and thicker. This is more difficult to bend into place…

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#advancedbonsaimethod . It’s been a while but here it is my first dig this year or should I call it a #urbanyamadori .


This was my first dig this year. I was so busy with other things that I could not make time to dig up trees. This tree has been in the back of my mind for a few years now. This tree was planted on the property where I work. Before we go into the detail of how this tree was unearthed let me just explain what #yamadori is. Yamadori is a Japanese word that can be translated to “collecting plants/trees from the mountain”. I do not speak Japanese so I got my translation from books and teh internet. In this instance I would call my dig a urban yamadori as I removed it from a garden and not the mountains. Collecting trees from the “wild” or someones garden can be a exciting and some what addictive.

What you need to know before digging up trees:

  1. If it grows next to…

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Then there was one left… Can you spot the next tree in line to be styled


This morning while I was busy watering my trees I had a great idea. I thought that I would see if you can spot which one of the trees I bought earlier this month I will be working on later today. I have worked on two of the three Junipers so there is just one left. I took a lot of photos of the tree before and after I worked on it.

If you think you know which of the Juniper in the following photo I will be working on share it in the comment section below. I will be share the correct answer with you tomorrow when I reveal the work I have done on the tree.
The trees are all marked with a circle and a letter to the upper left side of the circle. I know that in this photo it is hard to see the tree…

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The third and final #juniper styled.


To those of you that where to scared to take the leap of faith and guess which one of the trees that I bought was left, it was tree B. I know there was a few of you that really want to take the change but didn’t.

Then there was one left… Can you spot the next tree in line to be styled

There is the tree just to refresh your memory.
This was a challenging tree for me. I was tired last night when I worked on this tree. It was a long day and I had a lot on my mind.

I made a promise so I just had to suck it up and work on the tree. I had to thoroughly inspect the tree and plan carefully before making any cuts or before removing any of the branches. It took me one hour and thirty six minutes…

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