A simple Water Jasmine

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Here is a tree belonging to a client, the water jasmine, or wrightia religiosa.

The water jasmine is a tree that’s easily found in the online bonsai marketplace or in the tropical section of your friendly neighborhood bonsai shop.

They make extremely fragrant blooms, so beware if you are ever transporting one in an enclosed vehicle, you will become intoxicated with the smell, causing maybe a waking fever dream, transporting you to some tropical paradise where adult beverages served out of coconuts, and shrimp cocktails, abound.

This tree has, to me, a very good beginning structure……

…… but there are some branches that need some wiggle in them. Like RuPaul might say,

“Damn honey, that’s just way too straight!”

There are native species of wrightia on every continent except the Americas and Antarctica.

The one we use the most for bonsai is from the Thailand and Vietnam area.

The flowers…

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