Bills, Bills, Bills

Hermanus Bird Club

Marabou Stork

Pat Redford, who will be running our stand (theme – Bird’s Bills) at the Flower Festival in September, writes,

“Please could you nag the members for some good photos of BILLS, BILLS,  BILLS.

I have made a list based on the remarkable differences between the various species and their bills, and also that they are mostly local with a few up country ones too.

Am hoping for as many close up clear pics of the BILLs as I can find. I have quite a few from previous shows , however the list below is my dream bill list!

Kingfisher ( Giant or Malachite or Pied);    Saddle Billed Stork;   Spoonbill ;  African Black Oystercatcher;   Stilt;   Avocet;   Verreaux’s Eagle;   Greater Flamingo;   African Penguin;   Common Waxbill;   African Hoopoe;   Eagles/Raptors.

The photos need to be quite good quality in order to reproduce in print, but am happy to receive whatever anyone may have…

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