Day Two: Styling my first stock tree(Juniper Procumbens Nana). From nursery tree to “potensai”.


Yesterday I styled my first stock tree. I know this sound a bit weird. I am currently busy preparing stock that I will be selling in a few years time. This can be four year or even more depending on the environment and the growth rate of the different tree species. I will be showing how I transformed this nursery plant into a potential bonsai or as we say in our club “potensai”.

This was the tree before I started to work on it.IMG_4014.jpg
Please note that this tree was picked from a bunch of other trees that was for sale at the nursery. I looked for trees that had nice thick trunks and that had growth close to the trunk. The tree that I worked on was very dense. I could only see the trunk and one branch when I started.
I think for me not knowing what is…

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