#dayone : Taking the plunge into the deep end. Here we go… from hobby to business.


Yesterday I spend most of my day on the road looking for trees that I can buy and transform into bonsai to sell at a later stage. I thought that this was going to be a easy trip and that I would be back home before lunch. Was I in for a big surprise.

My wife and I left our home at 06:00 to set out on this bonsai tree hunt. We drove for an hour and a half to the first nursery. I always visit this nursery as there are some cool trees here and I always find something interesting here. This time around I was there for a specific type of tree. I was looking for Stone Pines. I have bought a few from this nursery before, but this time around there was not even one. I looked around and saw other trees that I could always come…

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Day Two: Styling my first stock tree(Juniper Procumbens Nana). From nursery tree to “potensai”.


Yesterday I styled my first stock tree. I know this sound a bit weird. I am currently busy preparing stock that I will be selling in a few years time. This can be four year or even more depending on the environment and the growth rate of the different tree species. I will be showing how I transformed this nursery plant into a potential bonsai or as we say in our club “potensai”.

This was the tree before I started to work on it.IMG_4014.jpg
Please note that this tree was picked from a bunch of other trees that was for sale at the nursery. I looked for trees that had nice thick trunks and that had growth close to the trunk. The tree that I worked on was very dense. I could only see the trunk and one branch when I started.
I think for me not knowing what is…

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Winter Birding – Part 4 – Gharagab


The last two nights of our Kgalagadi National Park visit were spent at the Gharagab Wilderness Camp, a truly beautiful place, which can only be accessed with a 4×4 vehicle.  It is a place of quiet and solitude and we saw little other than the birds around the camp, although a few antelope did come to drink at the waterhole.  Reading in the visitors’ book, we saw many stories of lions and hyenas that often spend the night in the camp, keeping the residents awake with their antics, but unfortunately they did not visit us.  We did get a glimpse of a Honey Badger one afternoon, but it was quite far off and it soon disappeared!  The tents at Gharagab are very comfortable and we really enjoyed our stay there!

The drive out was enjoyable and some soft sand had to be negotiated before we again reached the Nossob river…

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Winter Birding – Part 3 – Nossob


We moved from Mata Mata to Nossob, where we spent four nights, once again occupying one of the new riverside cottages.  These are very comfortable and give one an uninterrupted view of the river, however, there were very few wild visitors to our section of it.  Whereas we had previously had wonderful sightings of Lanner Falcons catching Namaqua Doves at the Nossob Camp, these were totally absent during our visit.

There were no cats to be seen in the Nossob river whilst we were there, but we saw many antelope and we were, of course, fascinated by the antics of the Lanner Falcons that appeared to be hunting doves at most of the surrounding waterholes!  I spent many hours trying to capture them with my camera – a very frustrating task, but imagine trying to do it with film!! The Red-headed Finches appeared in huge flocks to drink and they…

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Leicestershire Bonsai Club – 5 June 2018 Meeting

With apologies to regular readers for lateness of this report.  I ask, Where does the time go?

That could also be said of our last meeting as the time flew with a very full programme delivered by our guest speaker Graham Walker who made it to Leicestershire from his home in Yorkshire and his first visit to the Club.  Graham has been involved with bonsai for over 20 years and now specialises in Mame and Kifu size bonsai but over the years has worked with most sizes.  He has won prizes at UK shows and has visited big shows in Japan where thousands of people attend a four-day event.

IMG_3666 (1)

Graham Walker with selection of small tress from his collection

His presentation was on Mame and Shohin size bonsai and the displaying of.  He brought along a selection of his own trees and started by explaining the sizing of bonsai.  As…

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Leicestershire Bonsai Club – Members’ Workshop 16 June 2018


Carol and her husband Alan were the hosts of this Members’ Workshop at their home in Oadby.  They have been members of the Club for over five years and were pioneers for the Club workshops having hosted the first one five years ago almost to the day.  Carol is currently Club Treasurer and Administrator and sometimes posts web reports on Club activities.

Members’ Workshops are usually monthly during the growing season on a Saturday and hosted by a member at their home.  The idea behind the workshops is to provide practical “hands on” experience and tuition on an informal basis.  It provides an opportunity for dedicated bonsai time in our all too busy lives.  As a Club we cater for all abilities from the beginner to the more experienced up to a trained adviser.  It’s an open workshop in that members can bring any number of trees to work on…

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