The City on the Lagoon. Venice, an Unexpected Birding Extravaganza. Part I

Jacks Wild Life

[Viewer discretion advised, this blog contains a photo of a dead pigeon]

A cultural city break, yeah we could do with one of those. While travelling in Central america we discussed what kind of holidays we’d like to do when we settled back home, and the idea of being culture vultures and city slickers kept coming up. A City that Mayka and I had always thought about but never visited was Italy’s popular but pricey destination; Venice. Sure, I can push down my urge to watch birds for a weekend looking at old architecture and museums, I should have known I was lying to myself.

Not 30 minutes after we had booked the flights, my internet history was full of ‘Where to watch birds in Venice’ and similar synonymous searches. This is when, and to my surprise I discovered that there isn’t a whole lot of solid…

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