A Really Cool June – Malibu Lagoon, 24 June, 2018


View down north channel to Adamson House (Lillian Johnson 6-24-18)

The weather was quite pleasant for a December field trip: overcast, cool, a slight breeze riffling the lagoon. Several birders, lacking sufficient warm clothing, left early. Some might complain, I suppose, insisting, “But it’s June! It’s supposed to be hot and sunny!” Not I. Some might grumble and call it, “June Gloom.” I call it, “A welcome respite from intolerable heat.” But then I long ago gave up lying for hours in the baking sun, trying to develop the healthy glow of a deep tan. Live and learn.

Funny bunny – is it sitting on eggs? (Grace Murayama 5-27-18)

About twenty birders showed up, most of them new to the lagoon and its birds. I suspect that the regulars, knowing the avian paucity they would encounter, stayed away. I warned those present not to expect a lot, as June is…

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