#breakingnews. The Last tree I will be working on for the season… Not to worry there is some good news in the blog.


This is the image of the last tree that I will be styling in this season. I have ran out of trees in need of styling and pruning. This truly marks a sad day for me. When I saw my trees I thought that I would be busy for months to come. In this blog I will be talking about the tree in the feature photo and letting you in on my progress with my nursery.

This tree was seen better days but I will not be giving up on him as long as his leaves are still green there is hope.

Here is a video on the work that I did on the tree.

This is a photo that I took after the tree under went a heavy pruning session:

It looks worst then it is. I have styled a number of trees using this technique. It does take…

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Of Weeds and Love

michael hagedorn

‘When one summer I came across Emerson’s argument that “weeds” (just then strangling my annuals) were nothing more than a defect of my perception, I felt a certain cognitive dissonance.’

These are the words of Michael Pollan in his hilarious work Second Nature. The dismissive words of Emerson in the garden are not unlike the bonsai grower who prefers the natural approach.

It’s hard not to read Pollan and laugh (author of the excellent Botany of Desire among others). A defect of our perception? That weeds might be beneficial or at worst benign to our experience of bonsai…that is a bit of a stretch and I’ll side with Pollan on this issue, for it relates to bonsai just as well.

With bonsai the invasion of a weed is as problematic as one in the garden. It takes nutrition and water. It looks bad. Both of those are small problems that…

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