Larch group on the cheap

Michael Coopers Studio

At the begining of 2016 I invested a few pounds in a bundle of bare rooted Larches of various sizes purchased on the internet from a company that is kind enough to consider very small quantities –Beechwood Nurseries in Co Down N.Ireland. Just what a penny pinching pensioner was pleased to discover.

Three of these little specimens, which cost me £1.34, were desitined to be a group planting and in April 2016 were set aside and most unimaginativley planted, looking as if they may well be pretty boring as little thought was obviously used in this arrangement.


Fortunatly I gave them some further thought when I next planted them in a rather  nice rectangluar pot that I had acquired from a fellow bonsai club member.

After the first initial wiring they soon sprung slightly upward again when it was removed ( July 2017 above left) .
A further much…

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