Farming for waders in Iceland

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Across the world, agriculture is one of the primary threats to biodiversity, as we tear up natural environments to create more space to feed an ever-growing and increasingly meat-hungry human population. Agricultural land can, however, also provide key resources for many species whose behaviours align with the rhythms of the farming year. In Iceland, farming areas support large and important populations… Continue reading Farming for waders in Iceland

Summer Bonsai Festival 2018

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Programma per l’edizione della Summer Bonsai Festival 2018 Venerdì 22 giugno apertura della mostra ore 18:00-22:00 ore 12:00 Termine per la consegna di bonsai e suiseki ore 12:00-17:30 Allestimento degli spazi espositivi ore 18:00-19:30 Inaugurazione ore 21:00 Incontro con uno scultore del legno Sabato 23 giugno apertura della mostra ore 9:00-12:30/14:30-19:00 ore 09:00-12:00 “STONEHUNTING” Alla ricerca di pietre lungo… Continue reading Summer Bonsai Festival 2018