Large Maple Groundlayer

Scratch Bonsai

A couple of months ago I managed to have a look at the new roots growing on this very large Japanese Maple garden tree that I had ground layered two years ago here.

DSC_0569  autumn 2017

DSC_0060 March 2018

DSC_0061 Evidence of new roots

DSC_0062 Wooden box removed and rootball undercut


DSC_0065 Plenty of new root beginning to thicken.  These were spread and left to extend and thicken.

DSC_0064 No new roots on this side.  Older thicker roots were trimmed around the whole tree.

DSC_0067 The bare side was cut again and pasted with rooting hormone.  Tree replanted with free draining soil mix and covered.

DSC_0068 Back in the flower bed for another two years.

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