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#bonsai update : Black Monkey Thorn show prep.


When I get home tonight I will be working on this tree. It’s a black monkey thorn. I have worked on this tree extensively the past few months: repotting, winter pruning and wiring the tree. I want to show this tree at our bonsai exhibition this year in November. I think this tree is ready now. I change the tree quite a bit after I bought it about 4 years ago. I bought this tree at a auction for R450.00. It was a bargain. It was the first tree I bought at a auction so it has a very special place in my heart.

During the winter of 2017 I winter pruned the tree and restyled the tree. It was a huge risk. With these trees they do not throw off all their leaves during winter. They hold on to there leaves and only shed a few. Just before the…

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#bonsaiworkshop : Amazing workshop and some good news all in one weekend.


This weekend was the start of many great things. Firstly I was up at 05:00 on Saturday to get everything ready for the workshop. Normally I like sleeping in on Saturdays but when it comes to sharing my bonsai knowledge I will get up early.

I picked up my cousin from his house at 06:00. It was raining cats and dogs. I wished I was still in bed at that time but I was up. Never the less I picked up my cousin and his 12 Pine trees. They where the select few that fit into my cars boot. Once we off loaded all the trees. I saw that some of the trees where freshly planted so I told my cousin that I would not work on the newly potted ones as the need time to recover from the repotting. I started with a cup of coffee. Then it was…

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#Bonsaimadesimple : Preparing to host a interactive workshop


Last night I barely slept. I spent a few hours paging through my bonsai book collection brushing up on design pointers. I have not shared my knowledge with someone that wants to know more about bonsai one on one before. I’ve been part of demo’s and training courses before but I never had to preparing anything to present before. I don’t know what to expect. In my profession it is expected that you need to be equipped to handle everything that comes your way and if a meeting is requested you should be able to relay an answer with confidence and in as much detail as possible. So it comes naturally for me to want to be prepared for the every meeting or training section that I am presenting at or in this case hosting.


As I’m going through the process of preparing myself for the worst. It hit me…

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Large Maple Groundlayer

Scratch Bonsai

A couple of months ago I managed to have a look at the new roots growing on this very large Japanese Maple garden tree that I had ground layered two years ago here.

DSC_0569  autumn 2017

DSC_0060 March 2018

DSC_0061 Evidence of new roots

DSC_0062 Wooden box removed and rootball undercut


DSC_0065 Plenty of new root beginning to thicken.  These were spread and left to extend and thicken.

DSC_0064 No new roots on this side.  Older thicker roots were trimmed around the whole tree.

DSC_0067 The bare side was cut again and pasted with rooting hormone.  Tree replanted with free draining soil mix and covered.

DSC_0068 Back in the flower bed for another two years.

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