Bonsai+Insane = Boinsane or Bonsane


If you Google “boinsane”, it will respond “Do you mean: bo insane”.  The top search brings up Tae Bo Insane Abs DVD video of Billy Blanks.  Billy Blanks is a martial arts dude turned fitness guru.  This means that I maybe the first to use this word to describe a bonsai enthusiast that have become insane or on the verge of becoming insane.

I used to love playing the board game Scrabble that’s probably why I like word play.   The word bonsa”I” is in bo”I”nsa(  )ne but the ” I “ is displaced.   Yes, the ” I ” is displaced.  At one point or another some of us our ego or self may have been displaced.  Sometimes we are at lost to get ourselves re-centered.

Let me reframe this word in a positive perspective.  If the “I” in “boInsane” is completely removed from ahthe word, it becomes “Bonsane”.

Bonsane– noun: Is a person who is completely connected with the art…

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