Passing time… Keeping myself busy during autumn


I received a bunch of photos from my cousin yesterday of all the new Pines that he got over the passed few months. He spends a lot of time walking trails and every now or then he stumbles on a tree that he likes.

Here are a few of the photos he sent me:

As you can see I tried to make a few notes on my phone to tell him what to do. He is still in school but he has a great eye for bonsai. He is a bit cautious when it come to wiring trees. I help out where I can with his trees and to boost his confidence in developing this own trees. I just want to be the mentor I wish I had when I started styling trees. That would have helped me develop faster and allowed me to focus on the right techniques. I…

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A bonsai with a “Twist”


The tree in my feature photo is a tree that I bought about two years ago during December 2016. I was on my way home from my in-laws. I drove past a nursery a few times a year to and from my in-laws so I decided to pop in. Was not a big nursery but there where a few plants and trees. Now I don’t know if you noticed but small nurseries around suburban areas are closing there doors due to the huge hardware store now adding gardening departments to their stores. These department has trees and plants in bulk and it’s in the middle of town so why not grab a tree while you are there shopping for other things. This is killing the small privately owned nurseries.

I always look for these types of nurseries as they have trees of all sizes and more often than not there…

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