Snowy Plovers Again Nest on Surfrider Beach


Adult Snowy Plover, Malibu Lagoon (Randy Ehler 5-27-18)

Major Malibu Surfrider Beach news again this year are the nesting Snowy Plovers. Nesting behavior was first noted on April 8, 2018. As of our May 27 field trip, there were two large and well-plumaged young, attended by one adult, presumably the father (the mother leaves a few days after the last egg hatches).

Our diligent Snowy Plover (SNPL) mavens Grace Murayama and Larry Loeher supplied this Snowy Plover Activity timeline.

April 8, 2018: Volunteer Sandy Summer observes and reports possible nesting behavior.

April 9: Ornithologist Dan Cooper checks and agrees; observes adult picking at shells and settling on probable nest.

Snowy Plover mom fluffing up to sit on eggs, Malibu Lagoon
(Grace Murayama 04-10-18)

April 10: Larry & Grace confirm nesting behavior: adult repeatedly returning to same spot on sand; eggs not clearly seen at the time, but later examination of…

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