Bonsai Empire’s Advanced Course: Review

michael hagedorn

Once more we have an educational video from Bonsai Empire, using the talents of Bjorn Bjorholm. This is the longest of the three courses so far from the team of Bjorn and Bonsai Empire, running a full 6 hours.

This is a good and helpful course. The strengths of the Advanced Course are its simplicity of presentation, Bjorn’s extensive and communicable knowledge, the written key points at the end of each section, and most especially the ‘Case Studies’ which cover specific topics on one tree in depth. I thought those in particular were well done, and I think that Bjorn’s presentation style is more conversational in the Case Studies as well.

Fans of conifers will be satisfied, fans of deciduous will be satisfied; both are covered equally.

If I had to critique the course in any way I think the sections on ‘Environment’ and ‘Culture’ may seem a bit long…

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Double Helix: Limber Pine Revisit

michael hagedorn

This fella got a new shoe this spring. For years—4 more than necessary—it lived in a wooden box simply because I couldn’t find a pot of the right shape that was still deep enough to hold a strange and unforgiving root system. Above the soil surface was another matter, as the twisting, sharied roots were a feature that we wanted to show off.

This spring we found a deep oval and now it’s out of the box and in its first bonsai pot.

End of the day at our initial styling of this Limber Pine in 2014, at a jaunty angle and just slightly off center in the box. For the full post of the styling of this pine: Helix Root Limber Styling

And today, May 2018, in its new pot. 33″ high. Many of the original wires are still on the tree. A few North American pines seem particularly amenable…

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