Small Trees – Can They Make Big Profits?

AgriTech Kenya

Have you noticed an advertisement like this?

“Bonsai Tree, Desert Roses now available in Kenya, from as low as Ksh 4,500-50,000”.

Perhaps you thought: “Bei ghali!” But that can be good news for us if we grow and sell bonsai trees.bonsai-3125721_640

In this article from the Standard ‘Mombasa mum turns hobby into lucrative Bonsai venture‘, it describes how at the main entrance to Prachi Shah’s residence in Mombasa, pots full of Bonsai plants ranging from Baobab, Ficus, Desert rose, Powder Puff, Bougainvillea, Juniper, Maple tree and Jade dot the premises. The article continues:

“Depending on the species, Prachi makes at least Sh2,000 per tree. But there are others that cost between Sh20,000 and Sh25,000 per plant.”

How do you find out more and get started? Try the introductory video below from Iqbal Khan’s excellent (and of course, free) series of over 200 videos on the Mikbonsai YouTube channel.


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