Links to good info on Black pines.

Bonsai advice

Very well explained decandling technique.

Absolutely fantastic and simple explanation for development of Black pine:

Why tight curves are suitable for smaller bonsai…a lesson why for larger bonsai curves should be wide.:

Grafting black pine:

Why not slanting cut on Black pines and growth explaines

A PDF on foliage control for pines supplied by Eric Henry:

Bonsai Tonight

Pulling pine needles

Pulling pine needles

Thinning Japanese black pine

Thinning Japanese black pine

pine cut back

Pine cutback basics

Developing young pines

Developing young pines

How to repot a young Japanese black pine (1 of 2)

How to repot a young Japanese black pine (1 of 2)

How to repot a young Japanese black pine (2 of 2)

Bonsai Tonight

Wiring 3 year-old black pines

Wiring 3 year-old black pines

Repotting 1 year-old black pine seedlings

Repotting 1 year-old black pine seedlings

Pine seedlings

Pine seedlings

How to create…

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