To Wake a Dragon

Backcountry Bonsai

The most satisfying thing for me as a collector is to see trees I’ve brought from the mountain becoming the masterpieces I hoped they would. They aren’t just trees, they’re individuals, with stories and character all their own.

Every professional collector I know is extremely reverent of the ancient trees we walk among. We do what we do because these trees touch our souls, and I believe that they have the power to touch many souls. To me bonsai is a way to re-connect our souls with the beating heart of nature, and mountain trees provide a connection to the wild untamed side of nature that few experience first hand.

collecting526 010a

These are just a few thoughts floating around in my head as I’m excited to share the story of one tree with you (my short part of that story). This Rocky Mountain Juniper (j. scopulorum) was one I found in the fall of 2014 and returned to collect in May of…

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