Winter Pruning: Celtis Afiricana pruning and treating for pests ahead of winter.


My half marathon is behind me. After a challenging 2:00:51 and a few head aches later I can focus on my trees again. Till the next one… After everything is done and the pain lingers on I’m back working on my trees.

I worked on this tree just as an experiment. I normally do my winter pruning half way through winter, but I recently heard that you should do it at the beginning of autumn. As there will still be some sap flow in the tree and it allows the tree to heal slightly before the sap slows down. This is good. In this article they also mentioned that if the sap starts flowing in spring then the cuts are not healed over its like a gardening hose that has a leak, all the sap flows out until the wound is healed. This sets your tree back and wastes much…

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