What’s Happening At Des Moines Botanical Garden?

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A reason to visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, is that its outdoor gardens grow many of the same trees, shrubs and perennials that are found in this region. Des Moines is rated USDA Zone 5a and 5b and has an average of 9 more inches of rain each year and a somewhat less erratic temperature variation. But clay loam and sandy soils are common to both areas.

Grounds at the botanical garden include reflecting ponds and lotus blossoms in season.


As well as formal plantings, other flowerbeds are more casual as one might try at home. Here perennials have a yellow theme.  The smokebush with lime-colored leaves and Missouri primroses are positioned for viewing in the path around them.


In the Conservatory, temperature controls in the areas allow for a range of plants.


The living plant wall is watered and maintained with perennials.


Plants are artistically arranged in…

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