#Bonsainews: Growing bonsai for Autumn Colors.


Yesterday was our monthly bonsai club meeting. The topic was how to grow bonsai for Autumn colors. This was an very interesting topic. I was surprised at how this process works and what to do to get better colors in Autumn.

Before we get into how to get brighter Autumn colors. Let dig into what causes the leaves change colors. I always thought that the leaves change colors cause something else gets introduced to the leaves at Autumn. Man was I wrong… We have all heard of Chlorophyll and Photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is the pigmentation in leaves that is responsible for the green color in the leaves. This green color allows the leaf to absorb sunlight and transports this energy to the tree. During this process Oxygen is also released into the atmosphere.

What causes the leaves to change color? In short the color change is caused by the degrading supply…

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