Good things come to those who wait..



When did you last research bonsai trees?  Thought so .. same here.

However, there’s a whole world out there of slow growing, carefully tended, trained mini trees in cute pots all awaiting homes at which they will offer a tranquil viewpoint on a sideboard, windowsill or there are outdoor versions in large tubs.  Larger than their indoor counterparts, but still smaller than your average oak tree, which wouldn’t do too well in a pot on the patio.

bonsai  specialists are all over the internet (no surprise there) but this morning I persuaded Man of the Woods to come with me to investigate a bonsai specialist in our area, the sign for which I’d driven past for years but never given a thought to … til now.  I wanted to see them in the flesh as it were.  Having researched the little blighters I’ve learnt that they take years to…

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