Nerine sarniensis


A large Botanical group visited Vogelgat yesterday on a quest to see the flowering Nerinesarniensis (Guersnsey lily).


Colour variations include red, rarely pink or white flowers with erect stamens.  Found growing on rocky south and north-west facing slopes in the SW Cape.

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Common names: Guernsey lily, red nerine, berglelie

Nerine sarniensis, commonly known as Guernsey lily or Jersey lily,[2] is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaryllidaceae. It is the type species of the Nerine genus. It is widely cultivated in the temperate world and is particularly associated with the island of Guernsey, as reflected in both its Latin and common names (sarniensis means “from Guernsey”),[3] though it does not originate there, nor is it a true lily (it is more closely related to Amaryllis and Sternbergia). It is native to the Northern and Western Cape Provinces of 

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Acer Palmatum in Development from Seed (2018 Update)

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

This is an update on an Acer Palmatum  that I started from seed planted in 2001. I grew it on in a container until 2011, when I transplanted it to a shallow pot to start its development as a bonsai. The first picture shows how it looked in the Spring of 2012.


Since then I have been working on the development of the upper trunk by selecting a leader each Spring and allowing it to grow unchecked throughout the season; cutting it back in the Winter months. The next picture taken in 2014, illustrates that process.


After 6 years of doing this, I am at the stage where I want to concentrate on the ramification of the branches for a few years. This is how the tree looks at the moment.


I am 17 years into this project now and there’s still a long way to go. It is rewarding to see a…

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