Ueno Park, that’s where I’ve been

Late Developer

what did you do there? I took photos

km400_tokyo_uenopark1 Kaneiji Temple, Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a large green space in central Tokyo and a great place for a walk around the city with the camera. There’s temples, museum, a zoo, entertainment – including Taiko drumming blogged here, flea markets and plenty of people. It’s also beside a large shopping area, the Ameyoko Shopping Street so you can easily fill a day here. And like Tokyo there’s any number of JR and metro stations in the area to get here.

km400_tokyo_kimono_park2 Another Kimono photo

ktx_ameyaykocho Ameyoko shopping

ktx_tokyo oul lads Oul lads, Ameyoko

km400_tokyo_uenopark_plantgirl Blind among the flowers

km400_tokyo_uenopark2 Oul lad in the park

km400_tokyo_uenopark5 Strange cabbage-like plants, Ueno Park

km400_tokyo_uenopark3 Flea Market bargains

km400_tokyo_uenopark4 Seller of weird shit, Ueno Park

All shot on the Nikon F60 and Kentmere 400 or Kodak Tri-X

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