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KM100_hiroshima_dome4 Atomic Dome, Hiroshima

Most visits to Japan will include a trip to Hiroshima – to the Peace Park with the Atomic Dome and the various monuments, and to the museum.  Like many war and memorial sites, they’ve been photographed countless times but it’s still the best way of recording your own visit, your thoughts and having an aide-memoire as one gets older.
All pictures taken on Kentmere 100 in the Nikon F60.

KM100_hiroshima_dome1Atomic Dome detail

KM100_hiroshima_dome2 Atomic Dome – rear view

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark2Memorial by the Motoyasu river

There are a number of peace activists and displays around the park.  This is an in-utero survivor from the bombing meeting with tourists.

KM100_hiroshima_dome_survivorIn-utero survivor

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark4Eternal flame – possibly colour would have been a better choice

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark8 Students memorial

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark9Workers memorial

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark1 More riverside statues

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark6Memorial Hall

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark10 Children’s Peace Monument

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark7Inside Memorial Hall

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark5 Museum

A few practicalities.
The best way of getting to Hiroshima is by the fast…

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