Cotoneaster Maintenance


Today I woke up extra early to get some work done in my bonsai garden before I went to work. I’m training to take part in a half marathon on the first of May so every hour in my day needs to be planned to make time for training, bonsai upkeep, blogging and be on time for a full day of work. At this point in time I feel like a juggler keeping all the balls in the air. If one ball drops I need to sacrifice something else to make time to catch up on the lost task. I like being busy as I like a bit of organized ciaos.

I worked on a number of trees this morning but I felt that sharing this trees maintenance with you was the best choice out of the lot. The Cotoneastor is a flowering scrub that is used in bonsai. Its…

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KM100_hiroshima_dome4 Atomic Dome, Hiroshima

Most visits to Japan will include a trip to Hiroshima – to the Peace Park with the Atomic Dome and the various monuments, and to the museum.  Like many war and memorial sites, they’ve been photographed countless times but it’s still the best way of recording your own visit, your thoughts and having an aide-memoire as one gets older.
All pictures taken on Kentmere 100 in the Nikon F60.

KM100_hiroshima_dome1Atomic Dome detail

KM100_hiroshima_dome2 Atomic Dome – rear view

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark2Memorial by the Motoyasu river

There are a number of peace activists and displays around the park.  This is an in-utero survivor from the bombing meeting with tourists.

KM100_hiroshima_dome_survivorIn-utero survivor

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark4Eternal flame – possibly colour would have been a better choice

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark8 Students memorial

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark9Workers memorial

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark1 More riverside statues

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark6Memorial Hall

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark10 Children’s Peace Monument

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark7Inside Memorial Hall

KM100_hiroshima_peacepark5 Museum

A few practicalities.
The best way of getting to Hiroshima is by the fast…

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Osaka is a nice city to visit and works well as a base for trips elsewhere (Kyoto, Hiroshima etc) albeit without an overwhelming must-see identity of its own.  It is however clean, safe, friendly  – and has a Universal Studios park.  I’d only a few days in the city armed with the Nikon F60 and Huawei P9 and got some shots.

A good place to start is downtown at the Shinsaibashi shopping street, 600 metres of covered shopping.

km100_osaka_shinsabaishiShinsaibashi shopping street, Osaka

There’s also every conceivable eating place, including a bit of crab.

IMG_20170712_172550 Downtown Osaka, seafood restaurant.  Crab on the menu.

IMG_20170712_220021 Downtown Osaka, Dotobori Canal

One of the main sites for a visit is the Osaka Castle in its large gardens. It focusses on local history and art as well as some viewpoints of the city.

km100_osakacastle2 Osaka Castle

km100_osaka_skyline View of the city from Osaka castle

km100_osaka_owkawa river2 Osaka Castle gardens

km100_osakacastle_park_shrine1Osaka Castle gardens

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Ueno Park, that’s where I’ve been

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what did you do there? I took photos

km400_tokyo_uenopark1 Kaneiji Temple, Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a large green space in central Tokyo and a great place for a walk around the city with the camera. There’s temples, museum, a zoo, entertainment – including Taiko drumming blogged here, flea markets and plenty of people. It’s also beside a large shopping area, the Ameyoko Shopping Street so you can easily fill a day here. And like Tokyo there’s any number of JR and metro stations in the area to get here.

km400_tokyo_kimono_park2 Another Kimono photo

ktx_ameyaykocho Ameyoko shopping

ktx_tokyo oul lads Oul lads, Ameyoko

km400_tokyo_uenopark_plantgirl Blind among the flowers

km400_tokyo_uenopark2 Oul lad in the park

km400_tokyo_uenopark5 Strange cabbage-like plants, Ueno Park

km400_tokyo_uenopark3 Flea Market bargains

km400_tokyo_uenopark4 Seller of weird shit, Ueno Park

All shot on the Nikon F60 and Kentmere 400 or Kodak Tri-X

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Street Photography Can Be Challenging. Here’s How I Simplify It.

A Pixel Shooter


Whenever I shoot street photography, I am dedicated that time to capture authentic moments. No posing, no staging. I simply want to grab exactly what is happening. I’ve encountered many scenarios where it is important to be as discrete as possible.

Things I do:

  1. Find a comfortable place where I can observe. This is important so that you can see where the most interactions occur.
  2. Take sample photos. Once you’ve found a spot where you want to take pictures, it is good practice to take pictures to adjust any settings. The pictures do not have to include people and they can even be blurred. I usually do a few takes to check the lighting and observe the canvas.
  3. With the place and settings secured, start snapping. Some of my favorite photos come as freak accidents. Seriously! I will try to capture one thing and end up getting something even better…

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