Beaver Beech Bonsai

Bonsai Iterate

Triple B!

“What the heck is beaver beech bonsai?” you ask. It’s the tree I collected this morning!

That tangle of gray branches in the center of the image, above, is an American beech tree, Fagus grandifolia, that has been prepared for me by the friendly neighborhood beaver. At some point a number of years ago, beaver cut down a young beech tree, and that tree sent out new shoots in all directions. By the looks of it, the beaver have returned a few times to do some maintenance pruning. Wait til you get a better look!

You can already see, in the photo at top, the ring I cut around the tree. When I am unable to cut through with my shovel, I dig around with a big root hook to remove stones and expose large roots that need to be cut with loppers.

In all, it didn’t take…

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