Back to the basic’s of Bonsai.


I was so inspired by a blog that @daniellozada wrote two days ago. That I thought it would be a great idea to write a blog on the characteristics of a good bonsai. I know I mentioned a few times in my previous blogs that I do not follow rule or guidelines. But I do think that it is good to understand what it is that you are striving to recreate before you colour outside the lines.

Charles S. Cenronio has a beautiful Japanese Philosophy that he quotes as part of his introduction of his book called practical guide to bonsai styles of the world:” Respect all the rules under the sun, but use all the freedom under the rules”. This is one of the best books I have read on bonsai styles. He explains all the styles in-depth. The book is only 216 pages thick but it takes you…

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The five basic bonsai styles


Earlier today I posted a blog on the four principles that I think are is important to understand. If you missed the blog here is a link:

You should really read the link above before you read this one as it would give you more perspective on the topic as I will not be digging into the basic’s of each style. I will just be introducing each style. There are five basic style and under each of these there are sub divisions.

Formal Upright (Chokkan) Style
This is one of the first styles and is also one of the most difficult to get right. The trunk of the formal upright is straight and tappers from the base towards the top. With this style the aim is to have a tree that resembles the tall trees that find in a rain forest. Trees that grow in this manner naturally are…

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Bonsaiwithromano update


I just uploaded a few of my videos on YouTube and started a channel on the platform. Here is a link to my channel:

Here are a few of my popular videos:

I will be posting more videos on projects that I work on and on events that I attend.

Hope you enjoyed the videos.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

#teambonsai #bonsaicommunity


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#bonsaiupdate: I just uploaded a time-laps of a Celtis Africana I styled a week or two ago.


I just finished editing a time-laps of the first styling of a Celtis Africana I bought a week ago to sell in a few years time. I call this tree Celtis 1. It’s not my first Celtis but it will be the first one I will be selling.

Here are a few more trees that I have been developing for the purpose of selling:

I have aready replanted them in shallow containers and I am now busy working on their branch structure and ramification.

It might take a few years to develop. I am not trying to sell trees for the sake of selling. I really want beginner to get stock that can be developed further but has already been worked on as this will be a better place to start as starting from seeds or nursery stock is a bit more difficult.

Here is the video:

Hope you enjoyed…

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Australian bush cherry bonsai carving and repotting.


I spend the greater part of my sunday carving this australian bush cherry. I have had this tree for a few years now and have been building a good branch structure. This was quite a challenge as I made the mistake of making a huge cut in towards the front of the tree to shorten the tree. Now I’m left with this great big scare. I have considered carving but was not to sure if that would help. Also I have not had good best of luck when it comes to carving. There is always that one slip that costs you greatly. I took the tree with me to the place where I apprentice. I asked for advise as we all need some input on trees that we have been training for some time now.

This is the tree before I started any work on the tree.

The problem I…

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