Last Snows of Winter 2018

Michael Coopers Studio

Snowy seatAt the end of February I had started re-potting some of my trees not knowing that winter still had some surprises in store for us even here in Somerset. I think it was on the 1st or 2nd of March that we had the first lot. Not a dramatic amount but fine, dry drifting snow so we had to close the Somerset Crafts gallery at The Avalon Marshes Centre out on the Levels . 

I had managed as I said to re-pot a few trees before then, my little Lonicera Pileata whichlonicera I got from Kaizen in 2014. The nice little Mulbury that,Sue my Wife gave me last year that came from All thing Bonsai near Shefieldmulberry and the small Larch that I bought at Danlitle larchBartons Bonsai day in 2016.

Also the group of three Larches that I bought as bare rooted stock from Ireland  in 2016, which I…

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