Kagawa BONSAI on Instagram: “不思議な盆栽。 Mysterious bonsai. . The bonsai you acquired the other day. . You have a nice trunk. I am looking forward to seeing how to arrange…”

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不思議な盆栽。 Mysterious bonsai. . The bonsai you acquired the other day. . You have a nice trunk. I am looking forward to seeing how to arrange the surroundings of the leaves from now on. . 先日手に入れた盆栽。 . 素敵な幹をしていますね。 これからどうやって葉の周りを整えていくか、楽しみです。 . #盆栽 #盆栽鉢 #bonsaipot #bonsai#bonsaitree #bonsailife #분재 #小品盆栽#tree #bonsaiworld #盆景 #植物 #苔 #bonzai #香川盆栽 #山野草 #園芸 #ガーデニング #盆栽鉢 #和風##taikanten #大観展 #succulent #bonsaiworld #bonsaiselling #盆栽販売展 #amazeing #amazeingbonsai #錦鯉 #koi #kagawabonsai #国風展

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First work on a Yamadori Yew ‘Pagoda’ style

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

Its always exciting when you tackle a piece of raw material for the first time, the element of discovery (and sometimes disappointment) seeing the image that you have in your head appear before your eyes is great.

This tree was collected over 4 years ago, this is a tall thin English Yew (Taxus Baccata), it has a shari that runs from top to base. Its never been re-potted out of this washing up bowl and it is now ready. The first work is not actually styling but formulating the branch structure and foliage locations. No wiring, no styling no branch positioning, the tree will be left to grow. All I will do over the next 12 months is clean the tree and tidy up the cuts.

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Thinning and Wiring Pines

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Gerry and I have started the end of year maintenance on our pines. This normally involves the thinning of the old needles and some of this seasons too, in areas of strong growth. When the thinning is complete, the trees have to be partially or totally re-wired to accommodate the new growth.


The first one I tackled was a Scots Pine, which had its first wiring in the literati style 3 years ago. This is how it looks at the moment after a second wiring. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture before todays work as its absolutely freezing in the garden and time outside was kept to a minimum.


The next picture shows how it looked some time after the first wiring in 2014. You can see that its filled out well in the intervening years


This is a reminder of how the original tree looked at the start of…

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Some Trees in Development

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

This post is looking at progress that has been made this year on trees I have been developing during my weekly sessions with Gerry.

The first is a Blaauws Juniper That was given to me as raw material by Philip Donnelly of Belfast Bonsai in 2015. It had a lot of thick branches that grew off the main trunk at awkward angles. The first job in 2016 was to cut it back to a simple outline retaining the one branch that was suitably positioned for the future development of a bonsai. This is how it looked at that time.


Since this initial work I have been feeding the tree with high nitrogen fertiliser to promote strong growth in the foliage and I have also begun to create some jins from the branches that were removed and a shari on the main trunk. This work was done in stages over the past 12…

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Some Winter Images

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

We’ve had sub zero temperatures in southern Scotland for a few weeks now, but today we had our first significant snowfall of the winter.


Work doesn’t stop completely at this time of year; there’s still plenty to do, but the cold certainly slows down progress. Gerry and I are still meeting regularly and we bring a few trees inside to work on but we spend most of the time chatting, drinking coffee and trying to keep warm.


Todays’ snow was accompanied by a slight rise in temperature, which enabled me to open the greenhouse door, which has been frozen shut for about a week; so I brought a few deciduous trees inside to photograph them in their winter image. I do this every winter so that I can compare the change in ramification with previous years.

Deshojo maple shohin


This is how it looked in 2013


This is how my Shishigasira…

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