Japan Day Countdown Part 3 (Final prep)


Final day of preparations… I have only one tree that I feel comfortable displaying at such a prestigious event. You will know this tree as my feature tree, it is my trusted Celtis Africana I wrote a blog about it’s progression https://bonsaiwithromano.wordpress.com/2018/02/06/celtis-africana-from-ugly-duckling-to-most-showed-tree-in-my-collection/ I have trimmed the tree and applied Oleum to the foliage to help protect it from pests. Seeing that the tree will be displayed with trees from other bonsai artist in an open air style setting with trees above our exhibition. I added new ground cover as the ground cover gets washed away during my regular watering routine.

Below you can see the tree before I applied Oleum, added ground cover and after final prep.

As always my nerves are getting the better of me. Overthink everything and wondering what the outcome will be. Knowing who the other competitors are does not make it any easier. Every five…

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